Henry Rupert Foxworthy Trunkit VI

Henry is our car. He was born in the fall of 2002 in England (2524 pounds, 142.8 inches).

Henry and Carl taught Jenny how to drive stick. Henry took a bit of a beating during that time, but he never complained. Now he compliments Jenny's smooth shifting with speedy acceleration.

Henry excels at finding small parking spaces here in Pittsburgh, but has also gone with Carl and Jenny on many trips, from Delaware to Minnesota.

Henry is a member of the PittStop Mini Club and has gone on many outings with groups of other Minis. He enjoys the looks of other drivers when they see 30 Minis driving in a row. Recently he went to the BeaveRun Motorsports Complex to learn how to better handle skids. He took Carl on a wild ride.

Henry just got new stripes and a license plate that lets everyone know his name. He is very excited about his new look. Here are the before and after shots:

His new license plate was custom made in England by FancyPlates. It has his initials and his full name in small type at the bottom, as shown in the pictures below.