Bits: March 14, 2004
Website redesign using CSS

A couple years ago, when I first put this site together, I was excited about using cascading style sheets (CSS) because they offered the chance to separate the layout and style of a website from its content. Unfortunately, very few browsers at the time supported CSS so I used standard HTML tables etc. to get the look I wanted, even though the HTML was ugly, and it was a pain to change things.

Luckily, times have changed and now good CSS support is very common among modern browsers such as Mozilla, Opera, and Safari. Therefore, I am rewriting my site with extensive use of CSS. It should still be functional with older browsers, but it will look much nicer and be more usable with modern standards-complient browsers.

Although it has taken a bit to get used to, I am now completely converted to the CSS way, and I never will go back. With CSS, I have so much more control over how things look, and my HTML pages stay clean and easy to edit since they only contain the content.

If you would like to start experimenting with CSS, check out my Links page. Also contact me if something on my pages doesn't work for you.