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Creating Web Pages

As I started putting this web page together, I realized that a lot had changed since I built my first web site. The important discovery for me has been Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These allow a broad range of control over the look of your web site while allowing graceful degredation for web browsers that don't support CSS. They work much better than using tables as a layout tool. I have tried to use them on this web site. If something doesn't work for you, email me, and let me know what operating system, web browser, and web browser version you are using. I will try to fix the problem.
Here are some of the links that I have found useful as I've created this web site.


World Wide Web Consortium
HTML 4 Specification


Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML - A good introduction

Cascading Style Sheets

Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS - A good introduction
W3 Schools CSS Tutorial - Learn by example with online editor
Style Master - Tutorials, resources, examples, and layout information
Max Design - Great tutorials on floats and list
From Table Hacks to CSS Layout: A Web Designer's Journey - Includes hints for graceful degradation
css/edge - Some nice examples
Web Developers Virtual Library - The case for CSS, tutorials, examples
Web Design Group - Tutorial and Reference
CSS1 Reference - Reference with lots of examples
CSS Font Test Page - Page that tests your browser's CSS font support

Backgrounds, Textures, Pictures, Sounds, etc

Textures, Graphics, Fonts, Sounds - TONS of stuff


Sheldon Brown - Many articles on bike repair and all other bike related things
Bike Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh cycling advocacy group
Western Pennsylvania Wheelman - Pittsburgh cycling club
Steepest streets in Pittsburgh - The steepest I've ridden is 15.8%, but they go up to 37% !!!
Dirt Rag Mag - A unique mountain biking magazine based in Pittsburgh